To Whom It May Concern:

Are you experiencing one of these situations?

  1. Have ambition, but not brave enough to walk alone outside of comfort zone.
  2. Have been working very hard but fail to progress in career and personal endeavor.
  3. Have high potential but not able to actualize and realize the potential.
  4. Have to adapt to new changes/career transition but lack of self-confidence.

  5. Have an urgent need to learn and master new skills for improving performance.

Why Coaching?

  • A Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives reported that “coaching resulted in a Return On Investment of almost six times the program cost as well as improvements in relationships, teamwork, job satisfaction and quality.”
  • A recent survey by The Hay Group International stated that “between 25 and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches.”
  • Study by International Coaching Federation stated that 99% of coaching experience is work.

Coach Profile


+ 62818670034;

  • 30 years plus experience leading Human Capital Function as Board of Director member in agile global and local conglomerates companies such as Bata Shoe Company, Indofood Frito Lay, PepsiCo, HM Sampoerna, UOB Bank, HSBC, Bank Niaga, GlaxoSmithKline, Bo Le Associates and Bukaka Teknik Utama.
  • Has coach top executive, senior manager, entrepreneur, and young manager.
  • Degree in Psychology from University of Gadjah Mada and Master in Literary from University of Indonesia.
  • Certified in Professional Coach, Life Coach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 
  • Advisor to corporate clients in agile organization, talent management and development, and performance improvement. Affiliate Coach for Workplace Options a global coaching firm for corporate wellbeing.